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Osim Shechuna 

 Building a Cohesive Society

A social and Zionist movement to strengthen the national resilience of the State of Israel


Physical and social revitalization of distressed neighborhoods in Israel.

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GIVING GROUP COMMUNITY is a fiscally sponsored project of The Giving Back Fund, an IRS approved 501(c)(3) public charity (EIN 04-3367888).
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Across Israel, there are currently 53,000 shared communal bomb shelters, intended to accommodate 3.1 million people. 50% of these bomb shelters are in distressed and underprivileged neighborhoods. When residents do not have access to a usable shelter, they are left huddled in their stairwells, with no way to protect their families or prevent an attack on their lives. The problem is simply too big for cities to manage, and as so many of these residents are vulnerable — they can’t restore these shelters on their own. When the siren sounds, or when terrorists arrive without warning, they end up staying in their homes praying to God that they will survive an attack, or running into the stairway halls where there is only marginally more protection. 

Shelters and safe rooms are critical to protect families from both the dangers of being hit by missiles and the arrival of armed terrorists on their doorsteps, sent to murder innocent Jews. 

However, after years of disuse, many of these communal bomb shelters are unusable, as they are dangerous, mold-ridden, filled with trash, pitch black without electricity, or experience sewage issues due to poor or non-existent plumbing. Some have been used illegally for storage by people who lock up these communal bomb shelters for their own use and threaten the neighbors not to enter. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

The problem of unusable bomb shelters falls disproportionately on our most vulnerable citizens, mostly low-income families, the elderly, and those living in old buildings. 

Our Story

Osim Shechuna is a social movement that sprung up in the wake of the constantly increasing atmosphere of disunity in Israeli society.

a paucity of face-to-face meetings, loitering adolescents deprived of school and social frameworks, unemployment and uncertainty lead to difficult feelings such as loss of faith in the authorities, the state, and in other human beings.

The immediate danger is social disintegration. The situation is most urgent in the distressed neighborhoods of Israel.

In the State of Israel today, there are 195 distressed neighborhoods and 330,000 high-risk children and teenagers. It is specifically in the harshest neighborhoods and darkest places where the potential for deep, thorough social change lies. Development of local leaders who identify the needs on the ground, assume responsibility, and lead local changes that impact the city and the surrounding area. build up trust and hope, and unite society.

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